Welcome to the KDNA Winter Competition 2024

We are requiring ALL umpires who will be umpiring during our Winter Competition to register using this link please. (From 2023 green shirt umpires up to our WANL Umpires who umpire/coach at our Premier League Competition on the Friday nights).


Our Premier League Competition is scheduled to start on Friday 26th April 2024

Saturday Competition is due to start on Saturday 27th April 2024.

We hope to include you as part of our Team White Family.


Please make sure that you ALL have your RefBook Profile working, updated with Your Name and Your Email address ready to start as this is how we are allocating all our games this year!

Any problems please email umpires@kalamundanetball.com.au and put: ATTENTION: Ali!!! in the subject line please.


Lastly, please make sure that your Learning Centre Profile is updated and ready to be used as many of you may need to update your badges, by gaining extra points.

This can be done by redoing your Foundation Course and/or Exam if required, (these must be re-completed every 4 years anyway to stay current). There are other courses such as Umpire Coaches Courses and Testers Courses and General Principles etc.. that can be done for further knowledge or to gain the extra accrediation points required.

Again, any problems with logging onto your profile or finding courses etc.., please email umpires@kalamundanetball.com.au and put ATTENTION: Ali!!! in the subject line please.

See you on the court x

KDNA Umpire Team

2024 J-ump Squad (Yellow Shirt Squad)

Commencing NEW this year, as the Green Shirt Umpires graduate from the Green Shirt
Squad, they will enter the J-ump Squad (Junior Umpire Squad) and now be in a yellow KDNA Shirt with White Bottoms. The Yellow Shirts will be provided by KDNA and collected and handed back each week that they are rostered.
The J-ump Umpires will be umpiring the morning games on the bench side (opposite to our Green Shirt Umpires), and will be learning how to be the lead umpire, procedures and protocols and their next level responsibilities with having spectators behind them.
Once the Umpire Coaches agree (minimum of 3) that they have enough consistency with their application of the rules, the J-ump Umpire (wearing the yellow shirt) will be rostered to umpire the afternoon games on the opposite side to the score bench and spectators.
This will indicate that they are still learning and deserve the same respect from the players, coaches and spectators, as we’ll strive to teach them the components of umpiring at the next level. A coach will be overseeing these games for guidance and coaching. The individual umpire’s responsibility at this level is to complete their Rules of Netball Exam (online) and achieve a pass mark of at least 70%. They are to then hand in a soft and hard copy to the office.

The idea is to stay in your yellow shirt (for protection) as you are challenged on different levels of games (hard, easy, higher, busier or body on body) until you are (according to 3 separate coaches) ready for testing. Then you will be promoted to the Intermediate Squad (White Shirt)

Intermediate and Senior Squad Umpire Camp – Venue Ray Owen

Date: Saturday 9th March 2024

Time: 9am-12noon

This camp will include all Squad Umpires that are in the intermediate, Emerging, High Performance or Senior Squads (including independent umpires) as well as Umpire Coaches.

Please wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear for the practical components of the camp.

Bring a water bottle, Whistle bag, pen and a notebook

Umpires need to register for this Camp via the PlayHQ link below.

If you are not certain if this Camp applies to you, please contact the Umpire Phone on 0498 013 557 or email us at umpires@kalamundanetball.com.au 



We cannot play the game we love without officials. By training to become an umpire, you will learn the rules of the game and know how to apply them. Umpiring is so much more than blowing a whistle, you must be able to push yourself to stand up and apply the rules. It teaches you how to be brave, apply knowledge in a split second and how to read a game of netball. In turn, you take away knowledge to add to your playing game and life skills which are pertinent to everyone – both younger and more mature.

It pays! Whilst it shouldn’t be your only reason, the sport loses lots of young people due to them having to get Saturday jobs, so why not earn some money whilst giving back to the sport you love.