Covid + Spectator Updates

KDNA would like to thank those whom have attended our Saturday competitions so far for their understanding and following of the hygiene and entry and exit procedures.

We would like to re-iterate however that we are volenteers providing a competition for the sport that we love, so your children can enjoy it and have fun too.

There have been some incidents of abuse which are not warranted, just because we are asking people to use certain entry and exit points.

We would ask that everyone try and be understanding to the situation we all find ourselves in, and be reminded that we have to follow these instructions set by Governing Bodies, from both the Coucil and State. These instructions are not set by KDNA and we are trying our best to make it as easy as we can for everyone who atteds the courts.

Friday Afternoon Netball:

Net & Set – do not have a restriction on parents and siblings, due to the overall numbers attending at any one time

Saturday Netball:

After our initial week and adhering to Netball WA recommendation to host 1 parent per participant. We are now able to open up to 2 parents/guest per participants plus siblings. The original numbers were based on recommendations from Council and Netball WA and the number of potential courts being utilized

KDNA are permitted to have 500 people on the inside courts and 1155 people outside and to have seperate entry and exit. Currently KDNA are running 5 timeslots with 13 courts at each one, as opposed to using full 16 courts at a timeslot, this allows us to host more parents and children



Find our update below

KDNA Court Maps

Where to enter. Where to exit. Where spectators should stand.


Kalamunda District Netball Association was established to run and promote the game of netball in our local area.
Our member Clubs are both school based and independent. Over 190 teams compete on Fridays & Saturdays at our outdoor courts situated at the Ray Owen Sports Reserve in Lesmurdie. Games currently commence at 8.00am and the final round commences at 4pm!