Umpiring Badges

All umpires should be aspiring to achieve a National Accreditation in the form of the following badges:

National C Badge;

National B Badge;

National A Badge;

All Australian;  (AA)

International Umpire Award  (IUA)


At Kalamunda Districts Netball Association we have the ability to test for National C and B Badges on our games during the Winter Season and National C’s on our games in the Spring Season . Those wishing to achieve their B Badge must be part of the Emerging Umpires or Academy Umpires groups within the KDNA squad.


What must I do to be able to be tested?

To be able to obtain your National Badge you must have completed all pre-requisites.

For the National C Badge the umpire must have completed a Foundation Umpire Education Course and the Rules of Netball Theory Exam (with a minimum of 70%) the section 1 exam.

Once these are completed and the umpire has been screened, the umpire is rostered to Umpire and will be tested by a panel of experienced umpires on a game of suitable level. To ‘Pass’ they must meet the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s – See Forms and Downloads) as set out by Netball Australia.


All pre-requisites are complete – Where do I go now?

All testing panels and matches are organised by the AUDO (Association Umpire Development Officer)

Pre-requisites and costs associated with this are as follows;

Umpires are expected to complete their Foundation Umpire Education Course, currently $40  (paid to Netball Australia when registering on line) at the participants expense. If a participant has already completed this course in the past 4 years, then you will not be required to complete the course again until this time has elapsed.

Rules of Netball Theory Examination which currently costs $10.48 at the participants expense. (Please note the prices of these courses are set by Netball Australia and are subject to change.)


The cost of testing umpires are as follows:

These costs are covered by the Association.  However, each badge must be registered with Netball Australia at a charge of $33.00 per umpire, in the past these costs were subsidised by the Association, however this year we will be deducting $20.00 from the umpire’s payroll as a contribution towards testing expenses.


Should you wish to be considered for testing, you must contact the KDNA Nominated Testing Co-ordinator.

Umpires will be screened (watched by a panel of coaches) for their badge as per the KPIs for half a game and then be coached for the remainder of the game.

All Umpires MUST be affiliated to Netball WA either as a player or as an official for accreditation to be achieved.