Umpiring Badges

All umpires should be aspiring to achieve a National Accreditation in the form of the following badges:

National C Badge;

National B Badge;

National A Badge;

All Australian;  (AA)

International Umpire Award  (IUA)



At Kalamunda Districts Netball Association we have the ability to test for National C and B Badges on our games during the Winter Season and National C’s on our games in the Spring Season . Those wishing to achieve their B Badge must be part of the Emerging Umpires or Talent Development Squad groups within the KDNA squad.

UMPIRE AWARDS                                                                                                          

Umpire of the Year 2023 – Renee Edwards  

  Renee                           Emma

Most Improved Umpire 2023 – Emma Stack


Green Shirts;

Most Promising Umpire 2023 – Charlotte Bradtke

 Charlotte (left)           Patrick

Most Improved Umpire 2023 – Patrick Vickers



Most Valuable Umpire Coach 2023 – Ali Senior

Junior Developing Umpire Coach Award 2023 – Lilly Orr

 Lilly (in the white Jumper)


What must I do to be able to be tested?

To be able to obtain your National Badge, you must have completed all pre-requisites.

For the National C Badge, the umpire must have completed a Foundation of Umpires  Education Course and the Rules of Netball Theory Exam (with a minimum of 70%) within the last 4 years. The Umpire also needs to Enrol for the Badge they wish to achieve and submit the form throught the online learning portal.

Once these are completed, Netball WA advises the AUDO that the Umpire has been checked and confirmed to have completed the prerequisites and enrolled successfully. After the umpire has been screened, they are rostered to Umpire and will be tested by a panel of experienced umpires on a game of suitable level. To ‘Pass’, they must meet the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s – See Forms and Downloads) as set out by Netball Australia.


All pre-requisites are complete – Where do I go now?

All testing panels and matches are organised by the AUDO (Association Umpire Development Officer)

Pre-requisites and costs associated with this are as follows;

Umpires are expected to complete their Foundation Umpire Education Course, currently $45  (paid to Netball Australia when registering on line) at the participants expense. If a participant has already completed this course in the past 4 years, then you will not be required to complete the course again until this time has elapsed.

Rules of Netball Theory Examination which currently costs $12.50 at the participants expense. (Please note the prices of these courses are set by Netball Australia and are subject to change.)


The cost of testing umpires are as follows:

These costs are covered by the Association.  However, each badge must be registered with Netball Australia at a charge of $33.00 per umpire, in the past these costs were subsidised by the Association, however we will now be deducting $20.00 from the umpire’s payroll as a contribution towards testing expenses.


Should you wish to be considered for testing, you must register on the Netball Learning platform – 

Umpires will be screened (watched by a panel of coaches) for their badge as per the KPIs for half a game and then be coached for the remainder of the game.

All Umpires MUST be affiliated to Netball WA either as a player or as an official for accreditation to be achieved.


Congratulations to the following Umpires that achieved a National Umpire Accreditation in 2023.

Jess Green B
Brooke Power B
Perrella Daniel B
TK Whiu B
Mikyla Taylor B
Emma Stack B
Shella Anggraeny C
Georgina Appleby C
Harper Asbolt C
Cassidy Clarke C
Jayda Donegan C
Charlotte Green C
Ella Haynes C
Jessica Hutchins C
Bronte Kerr C
Alexandra McGillivray C
Robyn Mews C
Annalyce Page C
Jemma Parsons C
Freya Pivac C
Caitlin Power C
Nicola Reaveley C
Grace Rust C
Felicity Schultz C
Blake Sieczka C
Layla Ward C
Soairse Whitehead C