In 2020, Umpiring At KDNA will remain the same as in previous years.  Clubs will nominate umpires to be part of the squad two per team from Division 15 upwards.  KDNA will continue to allocate umpires to all Games being held on Saturday.


Stages of Squad

Squad Is Divided Up Into Four Levels And It’s Recommended That Umpires Make Themselves Aware Of The Differences to be able to progress through the levels. All Members Of Squad Are encourage To attempt to obtained a National Accreditation.  Umpire Coaches will be assessing umpire over the season.


Junior Squad Umpires:

The Focus In This Stage Is To Umpire To a C Badge Standard Every Game, Learn More About Game Management And Where Necessary Introduce These Principles To Your Umpiring.


Intermediate Squad Umpires:

This Stage Is For Umpires Who Are Showing Good C Badge Consistency. The Focus Is To Start Looking Off The Ball And Learning To Read The Play. There Is An Expectancy to Start Developing An Understanding Of Contact And Contest And Umpire Accordingly. Improved Knowledge Of Game Management Is Required Within This Stage, Recognizing When And How To Apply It Initially, Followed By Being Confident To Apply More Consistently.

Allocation Of Games Are Generally Lower Than Previously Experienced For This Stage Due To The Requirement Of Slower Games To Enable The Skill Of Scanning And Getting Back To The Ball Before Release To Be Achieved.


Advanced Squad Umpires: (HP Program)

Umpires Who Have Shown A Consistent Ability To Look Off, Read Play And Position Accordingly Will Be Invited To This Stage Of The Academy.  Here The Focus Is To Develop Your Scanning To Include Twelve Players In Your Vision And Allow This To Dictate Your Positioning More Consistently.

Umpires Should Aim To Be Consistent With Game Management And Implement It Appropriately, This Works With The Understanding Of Intent Of Players, Allowing Game Management To Be Applied With Confidence.

Further Development Of Contact Vs Contest Is Also Required In This Stage. Umpires Will Be Selected From This Stage To Be Put Forward For Their National B Badges.


Senior Squad Umpires:

This Stage Consists of Umpires Who Have Obtained A National B Or A Accreditation. The Focus Will Be On Consolidating Their Current Accreditation And Being Further Exposed To The National Umpiring Pathway.

Every Umpire Will Be Notified Of The Stage Of The Squad That They Are Being Selected Into.

There Will Be Movement Through The Stages Of The Squad During The Season Dependent On Performance, The Goal Is To Move From Junior Right Through To Senior.



The Advanced & Senior Squad Umpires will be invited to attend 4 workshops to discuss more complex applications of the rules.

They Include A General Rules Forum; Discipline Workshop, Umpire Procedures And Protocols and  Understanding how to read play and being consistent.  The Only Umpires That Are Excluded From Attending The Discipline Workshop Are Those That Attend One At WANL Level.



This is part of the program for the Advance & Senior Umpire Squad and are delivered free of charge.



Umpiring Uniform Costs are $35 per shirt and $35 per skirt.

Your Umpiring Shirt Always Needs To Be Visible, If You Are Cold, Wear A White Long Sleeve Shirt Underneath. If It Is Raining You May Wear A Clear Rain Jacket Or A White Semi-Transparent Rain Jacket.

 2020 Uniform Forms

Accreditations for Testing Purposes 2020

Umpires are expected to complete their Foundation Umpire Education Course $40 at the participants expense. If a participant has already completed this course in the past 4 years, then you will not be required to complete the course again.

Rules of Netball Theory Examination which costs $10.45 at the participants expense.

(Please note the prices of these courses are set by Netball Australia and are subject to change. These are paid to Netball Australia when registering for online learning.)

The cost of testing umpires for a National C Badge is $45 per test.  National B is $75, this cost is covered by the Association.  However each badge must be registered with Netball Australia at  a charge of $33.00 per umpire, in the past these costs were subsidised by the Association, however this year we will be deducting $15.00 from the umpires payroll as a contribution towards testing expenses..

 Umpire Details Form

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