The Green Shirt Umpiring Program is a practical umpiring course aimed at developing and training beginner umpires, of all ages, to ultimately attain their National C badge. Introduced to netball associations in 2007, the program has continued to grow, and has gained an increasing number of individuals to umpiring and assisting to develop their umpiring. As an association we are strongly encouraging all aged levels of athlete to enrol along with coaches, parents and spectators alike.

Umpiring Programs Available;

Refresher Camp for Umpires from 2020

This will be for our Green Shirt umpires from last year, that were hindered from starting the training program in March due to Covid-19. They have all completed their training, but some had very few opportunities to get on court.

This camp is also a refresher course for those umpires that did, or did not achieved their White Shirt last season.

The sessions will include practical and theory, we will have experienced umpire coaches attending to upskill umpires over this time.  The aim is to have these umpires ready to start the season on the first playing dates.

This will be held on 17th April 2021 with both a morning and afternoon session being held and you will be invited to one of these sessions.


Green Shirt Umpires Session 1:      

THIS SESSION IS FULL!  – please regsiter for session 2

This is for new umpires whom have little or no experienced at umpiring and wish to see if they like the program, these are the umpires that are nominated by the clubs.  Note that there is no age restrictions.  Nominations are being capped at 30.   All umpires will need to completed the Foundation Umpire Course in mynetball prior to attending their first session

Umpires will be required to attend all dates before they will be eligible to take the court on Saturday mornings.

Practical Umpiring Dates have been listed for all these Umpires below

2021 Green Shirt Umpires Registration Form Session 1

4 May, 2021                           1 June, 2021

11 May, 2021                          8 June, 2021

18 May, 2021                         15 June, 2021

25 May, 2021                         22 June, 2021

Saturday Morning                            Friday Afternoon

24 July, 2021                                    23rd July, 2021

31 July, 2021                                     30th July, 2021

7 August, 2021                                 6th August, 2021

14 August, 2021

21 August, 2021

28 August, 2021

Green Shirt Umpires Session 2:

These are the new umpires whom have little or no experienced at umpiring whom were unable to register in the first session and wish to see if they enjoy umpiring.  Note that there are no age restrictions.  Nominations are being capped at 30.   All umpires will need to completed the Foundation Umpire Course in mynetball prior to attending their first session

Umpires will be required to attend all the dates below before they will be eligible to take the court on Saturday mornings in the following year.

27 July, 2021                     24 August, 2021

3 August, 2020                 31st August, 2021

10 August, 2020               7th Septmeber, 2021

17 August, 2021

Practical umpiring for these Umpires will be held over the Spring Competition on the Set Timeslot on Tuesday afternoons.

There may be a further opportunity to be invited to umpire at the trials for the Association Teams U12 and/or U13’s.

In 2022 they will finalise with a camp and then be eligible to umpire Saturday morning

2021 Green Shirt Reg Session 2 

Run Twice A Year, In Both Winter And Spring, Our Green Shirt Program Is Successful At Training And Developing New Umpires.

Why enrol in the program?

The Green Shirt Program is a practical umpiring course that was introduced to netball associations in 2007 it has been continually adapted to enable us to provide a program that is proven to work. It’s aimed at training and developing umpires, of all ages, towards their National C accreditation.


The Winter program is run on a Tuesday night  on the Association Development Teams training, and then moving on to Saturdays, over the two morning timeslots. This provides us with a range of game levels, and allows squad coaches to provide support, alongside experienced umpire coaches. 


How do I sign up?

Review the programs offered and then simply complete the application form and submit it back to KDNAUmpires@outlook.com.


We cannot play the game we love without officials. By training to become an umpire, you will learn the rules of the game and know how to apply them. Umpiring is so much more than blowing a whistle, you must be able to push yourself to stand up and apply the rules. It teaches you how to be brave, apply knowledge in a split second and how to read a game of netball. In turn, you take away knowledge to add to your playing game and life skills which are pertinent to everyone – both younger and more mature.

It pays! Whilst it shouldn’t be your only reason, the sport loses lots of young people due to them having to get Saturday jobs, so why not earn some money whilst giving back to the sport you love.

Is the program only available to young umpires, is there an age barrier?

Absolutely not! We encourage more mature umpires to take part.

The recommended lower age is those in Year 6, they will have confidence (usually in spades before they go to high school!) and have played full rules netball. Umpires who are younger can apply, however, they MUST have completed at least ONE winter season playing at full rules. If they have not played full rules netball they must wait until they are in year 6.


What benefits are there to learning through this program?

Benefits of this program include:

  • Ongoing coaching by the Umpire Coaching Team;
  • Support in the event of issues with spectators, coaches or players
  • Develop umpiring skills and techniques;
  • Learning the correct procedures and protocols of umpiring; and
  • Develop umpire pathways.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the program $35.00 (paid to KDNA) as well as the Foundation Umpire Education Course $40  (paid to Netball Australia when registering on line). If a participant has already completed this course in the past 4 years, then you will not be required to complete the course again.  This includes eight hours of training.  Umpiring matches with umpire support, subsidized badging costs when the umpires are ready to be tested and the loan of a green polo shirt, being supplied with a whistle and official rule book.

At the end of the course umpires are required to complete the Rules of Netball Theory Examination which costs $10.48 at the participants expense. (Please note the prices of these courses are set by Netball Australia and are subject to change.)