Spring Netball 2021

KDNA are offering up spring netball, however with the change over from MyNetball to PlayHQ, there will be some changes to how we operate the registrations.

Each club will be required to create their profile in PlayHQ and register their players directly. I appreciate that this will take a bit of getting used to, as no player can register until they have played the full fees. The main difference is that those clubs that do not charge through the current my netball system, will have to do so going forward.

I am aware that a lot of clubs just have their teams or individuals take up the responsibility of playing spring. That it is up to them to arrange payment and often does not involve the current club register. With this in mind, KDNA are going to set up as a Club to assist both players and individuals that wish to play in this competition to be able to register to the KDNA Club portal, rather than the other Clubs. This by no means stops the Clubs from using the spring PlayHQ as an opportunity to prepare for 2022.

KDNA are hosting a registration evening on Friday night 8th October, 2021 from 5.30pm to assist players with their registrations. We will be issuing a how to register sheet after the 20th September, 2021.

All teams participating are asked to complete the paper registration forms attached and return them to Kdna.1@bigpond.com.

There will also be some match play available on the night if any teams want to get some practice in before the season officially starts.

Cost of Competitions

The cost for each player competing in either the Junior Mixed competition, SET or GO or Juniors/Seinors will be $70 per player for affiliated members and $90 for non-affiliated members, (this will include a $20 insurance Fee). Fees can be paid up front or on each night.

The competitions will commence as follows:

Friday Night Junior Mixed U12 to 18U                                                                                                                                                                                                Commencing on the Friday 15th October – 10th December 2021 Timeslots 5 pm, 6 pm, 7 pm

Tuesday afternoon SET /GO                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Commencing on Tuesday 19th October – 7th December 2021 to be played at 4.15 pm

Tuesday afternoon Juniors / Seniors                                                                                                                                                                                                    Commencing on Tuesday 19th October – 7th December 2021 to be played at 5.15 pm

InsurancePlayers are covered by Netball Australia insurance program

Game Structure

There will be 4 x 10 min quarters with a change of end at each quarter. Breaks will be 2 mins at half time and 1 min at the 1st & 3rd quarter breaks.

All Games are centrally timed and end on the umpires Whistle. Umpires and a ball will be supplied

Bibs are the responsibility of each team, however the office does have some which can be borrowed in unexpected circumstances. They must be returned at the end of your game.

Registered Players

All scorecards are to be filled out with each players first and last names for each game. A player must have played 3 games to qualify for finals.

A player may play for another team as a fill in on the night, however they will be required to register with only one team and then are considered a fill in for any other team they may play for as either a WA or WD

There is no required number of boys or girls to make up a team. For example, the team can be all boys or a mix of girls & boys.

Maximum number of registered players per team is 12.

Fill In Players

Players may fill in for other teams on the night. The definition of a fill in player is someone who regularly plays in another team. In this instance, they are only allowed to play in the positions of WA or WD. If they d o not regularly play for another team, they are not considered to be a fill in and are not restricted in positions that they play in.

           Mixed Competition

This competition is broken up into 3 age divisions; 13’s & under (oldest born in 2008)
This group can put in full team of boys with no girls 15’s & under (oldest born in 2006)

This group can 5 boys on the court at any one time, but only 1 boy in each circle 18’s & under (oldest bornn 2003)

This group can only have 3 boys on the court at one time, and only 1 in each third.

Rules of the Game

These will apply as per the Netball Australia rules. The following exceptions are the durations of the match and both nails and jewellery can be taped – or gloves worn.


Teams are required to be in uniform. This will consist of a top that is the same or similar in colour for all players. There is no set bottom. Either Shorts or Skirts can be worn and there is no set colour required.

Late Commencement of Game

Should a team have insufficient numbers to play the game prior to the start of the match (minimum is 5), they have up to the end of the 1st quarter to get a team on crt. If by the end of the 1st quarter they cannot field a team – it will be considered a forfeit and the other team will win.

The opposing team will be awarded 1 goal for every minute the other team takes to commence the match.


Teams that forfeit on the night will still be liable for the game fee of $64. This covers the cost of umpires attending on the night.

Forfeits that have 48 hours or more advanced notice, will not incur a forfeit fee.


The umpires are there to help control the game and help players understand the rules.
If you have any questions – please ask them during the breaks with both umpires present.


Players whom are considered to not be playing within the spirit of the game, may be issues with a Caution or Warning, or even Sent Off court by the umpire.

These can be issued to players, for swearing, arguing with the umpires or general/deliberate rough play.


All complaints are to be initially directed to the Co-ordinator/Office on the night/day. If necessary, this is to be followed up in writing if a solution cannot be found at the time.

Please do not wait until the end of the game to come and ask for help/assistance as we cannot do very much after the fact.

Injury Time / Blood Rule

Injury Time of up to 30 seconds per injury applies, however the clock will not be stopped as the matches are centrally timed. Teams are to make changes if required during this time and the injured player MUST leave the court.

If the position is left vacant, then the player can return to that position at the next centre pass. If the injury is serious – all care will be taken to ensure safety to the player first.

First Aid room supplies are available from the office as well as Ice available in the chest freezer in First Aid room.

If blood appears on a player (or their clothes), the equipment or surroundings, the game will be stopped on the Umpires whistle. The player bleeding must leave the court immediately and all other areas must be clean of blood before play can recommence.