KDNA Umpiring Staff


Nicole McKennay

As the Development Co-ordinator – Umpiring I Bring A Wealth of Netball Experience as a Coach and Umpire.

Starting My Netball Career in The North West of WA. Although I never played at the higher levels, I took on the challenges of Association Development Team Coach, to gain a better understanding of  The Rules Of The Game And Appreciate The Technicalities Of The Sport  it Also Helped Instil A Sense Of Respect all the officials which include Score bench, Coaching & Umpiring. Umpiring is not easy; however, I have always said “that if it was easy no one would want to do it”.  “Failing is not an option” and there is always something new and challenging to learn.

In my younger years I completed all my training at Kalamunda & Districts Netball Association until aged 18 and made a move to live in Karratha for 15 years.  During that time I achieved all my National Accreditations from the North West with assistance from the Karratha Netball Association Inc. and it still holds great memories and good friends.

In 2001 I returned to Perth to live and give my boys education and career opportunities, in this time I took up the role of AUDO for Kalamunda and held that role for 9 years, developed umpires to all levels.  Then moving into a more director and advisory role as Development Co-ordinator – Umpiring.

My Australian Umpiring Journey with the Mens & Mixed Netball Association commenced in 2004 and wound up in 2012, with my tours being to New Zealand, Cook Islands & Miami along with every state of Australia that Nationals Tournament was held in over that time.  I had the pleasure of umpiring Mens, Mixed and U18 teams and enjoyed every challenging moment of it.  I worked with Australian & State Coaches like Norma Plummer and Jill McIntosh and others along the way. Which gave me a great appreciation of their dedication and commitment to Netball.

Currently I am working with Netball WA to coach and develop umpires into the pathway for Netball WA and Australia.  This includes coaching at the Western Australian Netball League for the past five years, previously I was given the opportunity to umpire at State League for 2 years.  As well as developing umpires at Netball WA events like NAIDOC, Association Championships, State Cup and Fever in Time Training.

My Role as The Development Officer – Umpiring for KDNA Is To Help Develop All Umpires Whatever Their Current Skill Level. From The Beginner To The Seasoned Umpire, KDNA Run Umpiring Programs To Suit Your Needs. My Role Also Includes Working With Clubs To Help Educate Members On The Rules, Offer Opportunity For Further Development To Those Umpires Not Wishing To Be A Part Of Squad.


Development Officer

De-Anne Cue

I started my umpiring and playing at Swan Districts Netball Association over 25 years ago. I joined the umpiring squad where I learnt a lot from the wonderful Debbie Atkinson. As a member of the squad I was privileged to have coaching from a lot of great umpiring coaches – some of who are still heavily involved with Netball WA. I was chosen to be part of a Talent Development Umpiring Program that was for select umpires in the Darling Range Region. I progressed thru my Level 1-3 Club and Level 1-3 Regional badges. My Saturday’s would consist of coaching junior umpires, coaching a team, playing and umpiring Division 1. Going for me National C Badge I would have to travel to Mathews Netball Centre and umpire after umpiring and coaching all day. After years of hard work, traveling to different associations around the metro area and country for carnivals I successfully passed my National C Badge.

I took a few years off after getting married and having children. I continued to play at a social level as well as umpire socially. I was approached by Nicole McKennay to come to Kalamunda to umpire and work towards my National B Badge.

While working towards my B Badge I was involved in umpiring and coaching junior umpires. I umpired on Friday nights at the Home and Away Competition (now known as Premier League).

After many years of setbacks due to fitness and injury I finally was awarded my National B Badge.

During my coaching and umpiring I have had privilege of teaching some great junior umpires and watch them progress from shy nervous umpires to confident strong umpires.

I am currently the event organizer for a tournament that is held in Bali every year. We have teams from all over Australia, New Zealand, through out South East Asia and this year a team from South Africa

I am also a single mum to my son and daughter. My daughter plays and has completed the NUP Green Shirt program. My son joined the umpiring squad in 2018 and achieved his National C Badge the following year.

My aim as an umpire coach is to help umpires to reach their full umpiring potential, through mentoring, coaching, one on one discussion and on court application.

Communications Officer

Ali Senior

Starting my Netball life at Foothills Netball Association when I was little, I played and then then learned to umpire, eventually becoming the Junior Umpires Co-Ordinator, teaching the new little ones to learn how to umpire with the Green Shirt Program.

I also umpired and played at KDNA as Foothills ran a Home and away Competition for their Division 1 players in-conjunction with KDNA.

During this time, I developed myself as an Umpire, working through my Association level Badges and towards my National C Badge. I was also fortunate at being selected in Darling Range Regional Development Umpiring Squads for a few years.
I met Nicole McKennay whilst training with this Squad and she was one of the coaches that helped develop me to be able to attain my National C Badge.
I achieved this in the year 2000 and then started to work towards my National B badge over the next couple of years.
I was invited to umpire at State Schools Girls and Academy Cups and received coaching from State League Umpires and Coaches as well.

My time in Australia was cut short in 2005 as I had an opportunity to move to the UK which I took. My career and life in the UK didn’t leave me much time for netball over there, although I tried to get involved. But the hours and commitment of my career meant that I was unavailable most of the time. So Netball was put on hold for nearly 10 years!

When I returned to Australia in 2014 one of the first things I wanted to do was to get back into netball. So, I contacted my local Associations as I had no idea if anyone that I knew was still involved and KDNA was the only one that replied!
(everyone else’s loss! HaHaHa!)
Nicole remembered me and asked me to join the KDNA squad and I have not looked back.

Not only have I developed my own umpiring by achieving my National B Badge in 2016, but I also joined the KDNA committee as the Umpire Co-Ordinator, a position I held for 3 years. I assisted Nicole to deliver and grow the KDNA umpiring programs during that time.

I have taken a step back and am no longer the co-ordinator at KDNA, but am still very passionate about assisting and coaching young umpires to develop their skills of the game. I believe that it not only helps them on the court with both Umpiring and Playing, but it can provide building blocks for life skills as they grow up too.

In 2020 I took on the Media Role at KDNA which inlvolve publishing newsletters to our members and updating information on our Website.

On a personal note, in 2019, I was fortunate enough to also have my little boy, Marcus. Most of the Association were aware of my growing belly and most of you would have already seen him with me up at KDNA since that time. He will be around Netball for many more years to come and I hope with the Boys/Mens game gaining popularity that he will have a pathway to move into as well.

Sally Sims

Mel Purser

Cherie Stoodley

Aidan McCartan

First getting involved in social indoor netball as a sixteen year old while working at my local indoor sports centre on the south coast of NSW, my journey to umpiring hasn’t been the typical pathway.

I moved to Perth at eighteen and while playing indoor cricket I was asked to fill in for a superleague team when a player was a late withdrawal. I continued to play in various levels of Mixed and Men’s representative sides over the next ten years before deciding to hang up the bib in 2017 to pick up a whistle.

I reached out to Nicole at KDNA who I knew from being put out of play by her regularly over the years and she took me under her wing. Before I knew it I had achieved my National C Badge and was being looked at for higher honours.

Within twelve months I had achieved my National B Badge and was an invitee onto the Western Australia Netball League Umpire squad where I spent three seasons umpiring WANL.

I have become more involved in umpire coaching and find that being able to encourage umpires and help them unlock areas to assist their progress as an umpire is extremely rewarding and something I have a true passion for.
I continue to work on my own umpiring and of course to coach the next generation of umpires coming through.
I also enjoy getting down to other associations when I can.

“If you’re really passionate about the game, you’ll always put your best foot forward. Whatever position you’re put in, that’s the passion you have to get the turnovers, to get the shots in, and pass the ball to your team-mates.”